We are fully equipped to handle any tong repair ranging from tubing tongs such as BJ and Foster tongs to larger casing tongs such as 20" and larger Eckel, and FARR. With our repair facility we can facilitate your needs regarding repair and reconditioning of your tongs.
Where we differ from most repair facilities is our capability to manufacture our own parts and our inventory of many of the internal parts that make up the inner workings of the tong. All Spare parts are OEM equivalent in quality.
PBA Supply also provides repair work for your tongs as well.
We are happy to provide repair work for many 
customers in and around our area as well as across the globe.
With our manufacturing capability we are able to provide added value to our customers by manufacturing the parts in house as well as providing the repair service.
On top of being able to simply repair these tongs, we are capable of rebuilding your worn out tongs from the ground up. With our staff of knowledgable tong mechanics we are your one stop shop for any work you require regarding your tongs.