Inventory List

Below is our current inventory list.  Please check back often as this list will change.  If you have any questions about any of the items on this list, please email our sales department by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lamb--- 20" casing tong

Eckel--- 21" Hydra Shift casing tong

FARR--- 9 5/8 LW casing tong X 3

ECKEL--- 5 1/2 casing tong X 5

CLINCHER--- 5 1/2 casing tong w/ backup

MEGA--- 8 5/8 casing tong

SARA SAE--- 10 3/4 casing tong X 3

FARR--- 7585 casing tong

FARR--- 8 5/8 casing tong

UNIVERSE--- 9 5/8 casing tong

SARA SAE--- 13 3/8 casing tong X 2

UNIVERSE--- 13 3/8 casing tong

FARR--- 7 5/8 casing tong

CLINCHER--- 5 1/2 casing tong

FARR--- 4 1/2 tubing tong

BJ--- 4 1/2 tubing tong X 2

D&D--- 5 1/2 casing tong

WHITE BEAR--- 5 1/2 casing tong

ECKEL--- 4 1/2 std w/ backup

BJ--- 175 ton spider/elevator

FARR--- SL 4500 tubing tong w/backup X 2

Contact Us

PBA Supply, LLC is ready to serve you.  Please contact our sales department by calling (432) 385-0382 or complete our form below and we will respond with a solution for you.

Reconditioned or Rebuilt

Here at PBA, we have used our many years of experience with
power tongs to offer a wide range of rebuilt and re­certified tongs.

Through our used inventory, we also provide our customers with added value by having the capability to rebuild the tongs we sell.

If you are looking for a repaired or rebuilt tong, we are happy to offer this option for you.



Welcome to PBA Supply -- you're single source solution for tong sales, repairs, and rebuild.  Our years of experience and dedication to quality sales and service set us apart.

Your satisfaction is our passion and we are here to help you before, during and after the sale.

New Power Tongs

PBA Supply has also built valuable relationships with current names within the business to be able to provide our customers with brand new power tongs ranging from 36" to 4 1/2".

We sell such brands such as Eckel, FARR/McCoy, and Clincher.